Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Raul ... Senior Portraits

It is hard to see the future.
Some times it 's even hard to see the past, or the present.
But with Raul, I can see all three.
     The man he will become,
     the young man he is now,
     and even a little bit of his innocence of his youth.
I could not ask more of him, or his family for seeing this.
A big "thanks"!


Anonymous said...

You have become into a handsome young man Raul. These pictures are amazing!

JGriffin said...

Wow! The portraits you did of the boys are amazing! I would say breathtaking, but they're boys. I'll leave it at amazing!

Anonymous said...

really enjoyed the pictures of this handsome, nice young man!

Callyn said...

Love this portrait of my "other brother!"

Anonymous said...

What a beast!

Anonymous said...

What a great looking young man!!!