Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Miss Abbey & Miss Sofey

After photographing their cousin (Miss Addison ... the New Display at Dr. Fagan's), Abbey and Sofey's grandmother decided it was time to photograph all her grandchildren.
The saying "how do you eat an elephant? ... a bite at a time" can apply to photographing children. When working with 3 different sets of parents from three different towns, a more relaxed, let's spread this out over a few months can work to everyone's advantage.
And with the notes that I keep, as well as making them "compatible" (see a blog post from last week) and getting to know each child, this will be a display for grandmother that will be a joy forever.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful portraits!

Anonymous said...

Love Abbey's feather & Sofey's tongue poking through! Beautiful pics of two beautiful girls!