Thursday, April 24, 2014

Boys Will Be Boys

Tanna (who we photographed as a high school senior) was very nervous about a family portrait with her three young sons.  The boys are close in age and full of life.  As is our regular procedure, we had the boys come to the planning session with their parents.  After meeting our dog, Davy, and watching a Pixar movie with Jolene, they were very comfortable and familiar with the studio when they came in for the portrait session.  The result was a wonderful family portrait as well as a portrait of the three boys being just that - boys!

Tanna's senior portrait

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Display Portrait 2.0

In 1987, our portrait of the Meibergen children, Joey and Melissa, was chosen for a national ad campaign by greeting card company Stylart, Inc. We recently photographed Joey and his family for a display at Finer Physiques.  Great model then, great model now!