Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Zach's portrait is another in our series to match a sibling from the "Dr. Fagan" display images.
His sister is Abby.
And if you have just looked at her portrait, you are probably thinking, "I can tell both portraits were taken by Wess, but I'm not so sure they compliment each other".
And I would say you were in the ballpark on that observation.
What you haven't seen is the portrait of Abby that her parents  choose for their home, it is not the same that they choose for Dr. Fagans office, but it does compliment this portrait.
Which brings me to the point that "one size" (or one pose) does not have to fit all.
Just in case you haven't noticed, we are all not the same.
So when working with us, everything does not have to be off the same pose.
No packages or rules.
We want everyone to be happy!
It's just that simple.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Miss Meredith

Lately, it has been a real joy to photograph so many siblings for groupings.
Years from now, I know these will still be treasures for their family.
As we saw from the tornados, the first possessions  people start looking for are their photographs.
We are truly happy to be in a profession that is so positive and that brings our clients such joy.

This portrait of Meredith is a companion portrait for her twin's "Olivia" (Dr. Fagan's New Display).
Aren't they both beautiful?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

MIss Chelsea ... as Miss Minnie

Most of the time, one is enough.
But not on this session.
It's almost like a story board the movie industry would lay out.
A lot of movement and expression.
And as cute as can be!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Raul ... Senior Portraits

It is hard to see the future.
Some times it 's even hard to see the past, or the present.
But with Raul, I can see all three.
     The man he will become,
     the young man he is now,
     and even a little bit of his innocence of his youth.
I could not ask more of him, or his family for seeing this.
A big "thanks"!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Miss Abbey & Miss Sofey

After photographing their cousin (Miss Addison ... the New Display at Dr. Fagan's), Abbey and Sofey's grandmother decided it was time to photograph all her grandchildren.
The saying "how do you eat an elephant? ... a bite at a time" can apply to photographing children. When working with 3 different sets of parents from three different towns, a more relaxed, let's spread this out over a few months can work to everyone's advantage.
And with the notes that I keep, as well as making them "compatible" (see a blog post from last week) and getting to know each child, this will be a display for grandmother that will be a joy forever.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Richard ... Business Portraits

When I travel out of town and check out the local newspaper and yellow pages, I am always surprised how few businesses have professional portraits of their staff and executives. Many businesses spend tens of thousands in advertising and their people look like vagrants or convicts. Like it or not, we are judged by how we look and if we are professional,  then we need to be seen as professionals.  Not every business or professional need to be dressed up though. That's where we can also help. With a no charge design consultation, we will help find the look that will be you as well as get clients!
Time flies!
20 years in the blink of an eye.
Thats how long ago we photographed Richard for the first time.
And now the new update.
Richard, thanks for making us "your" photographer!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amina ... Compatible with her Brother

Miss Amina is the big sister of Rhys from the Dr. Fagan display posts.
We love the opportunity to create a companion portrait, but it does present some challenges.
For instance,
     what about poses,
     what about lighting,
     what about clothing,
     what about expression.
After all, it's a different day, a different person with different tastes.
We always advise our clients up front about these differences.
Then we suggest compatibility. Different but similar, tied together by background colors, matching frames and the size of faces. Hung together on the wall to tell "two stories" within "one story".
Our thanks to Amina in making this portrait easy ... "Good Job"!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

George ... St. Mary's Employee of the Year

You cut the top of his head off ... but I can really see his face,
He's not smiling ... but I just know that expression is really him,
Why is this portrait not in color ... but it really pops off the wall,
The portrait is not centered ... but it seems like you really caught him not posed.

A lot of times, I hear some contradictory things about our portrait art, a negative statement followed by a "really" strong positive statement.
In my own life, sometimes it takes a while to "get" something, sometimes 30 seconds (the color of Jason White's first Monte Carlo),  other times 30 years (Shakespeare). I've seen this many times through the years, our staunchest critics became our strongest fans.
Thanks to George and his wife that they "got this" right off the bat.
I could not be more pleased with his portrait!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zach ... Senior Portrait

Back in the days when we began the studio, I caught a lot of grief because we did not have a room full of "props" (vinyl wing back chairs, bookcases with fake books, plastic ferns, well you get the idea). To be honest, I felt bad about this, not because my taste was better, but because I just didn't have the money to spend on them.
So I decided that the props had to be real, and to be real, they had to be my clients "props".
A state championship ring, a letter jacket, a football from his high school.
Reality! Not the fashion fake stuff of the moment.
Thanks to Zach and his family for seeing this in my art, and getting it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New display at Dr. Fagan's

For the next two weeks, we will be posting the new images that Dr. Fagan is displaying in his reception room as well as using in his advertising.
The "Open House" Wednesday April 20 for his patients and the portraits went off without a hitch.
Thanks to him and his staff for a wonderful evening, and to the parents and family that attended for their support.