Thursday, February 13, 2014


Nearly four decades as a studio in the same city has allowed us to establish many long
term relationships with clients.  When we photographed Mary’s senior portrait, we probably wouldn’t have thought about eventually photographing her children’s senior portraits.  How fortunate we are that is exactly what happened, and then a family portrait as the youngest prepares to graduate from high school.  Although many styles and trends have come and gone in the interim, the timeless, classic style stands the test of time. 




The Morrows

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Four Years in the Making

McLain’s portrait was almost 4 years in the making.  We photographed McLain in 2009, in the midst of his senior year in high school.

He is now looking toward college graduation and we've watched the progress of the dreadlocks, photographing him a couple of days before he cut them all off. We received this wonderful note from McLain, “The dreads were a special time and part of my life and now I will have a beautiful piece of artwork to look at and be reminded of them”. Our pleasure, McLain!