Wednesday, May 18, 2011

George ... St. Mary's Employee of the Year

You cut the top of his head off ... but I can really see his face,
He's not smiling ... but I just know that expression is really him,
Why is this portrait not in color ... but it really pops off the wall,
The portrait is not centered ... but it seems like you really caught him not posed.

A lot of times, I hear some contradictory things about our portrait art, a negative statement followed by a "really" strong positive statement.
In my own life, sometimes it takes a while to "get" something, sometimes 30 seconds (the color of Jason White's first Monte Carlo),  other times 30 years (Shakespeare). I've seen this many times through the years, our staunchest critics became our strongest fans.
Thanks to George and his wife that they "got this" right off the bat.
I could not be more pleased with his portrait!

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