Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the Gorhams ... version 2.0 ... Enid, Ok photography

Color design 101.
Light colors advance toward the eye.
Dark colors recede from the eye.
In our design consultation, we always look at clothing that will accomplish these 2 facts for  the benefit (not the detriment) of our clients.
Most parents want the emphasis on their children, not on themselves. For this family, we did this by dressing the parents in darker clothing and the children in lighter colors so the first people we see are the children.
As I always told our girls when they were younger, I always win because I am bigger.
But here, the children win because they are lighter.
Thanks to the Gorhams for getting this concept, but most of all thanks for letting us create another memory for you and yours with the new addition, "version 2.0".

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Joel and Christy said...

Love this picture, thanks for the wonderful experience. That is why we keep coming back!