Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dakota ... a Dedicated Follower of Fashion ... Enid, OK Photography

"In key", that's what professional portrait photographers say when the background and the clothing are in the same tonal range ... black on black, or white on white, as it is here. It's what we strive for! The viewer's eyes will then travel to the face, also here in key, not bright in a color sense, but with a bright and engaging expression! Add the brown in the hair, necklace, and the design in the shirt, and you have a portrait that is in essence "duo chromatic", which also leads our eyes to his expression.
And again, not an accident, all planned out ahead of time.
I guess our parents were right, you get out what you put in.
Thanks to his mom (who we photographed when she was 16) and his grandparents. Great to see all of you again, and also great to photograph another generation!

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