Thursday, March 24, 2011

Richard, Dakota, Dalton, Harley & Davidson ... Enid, OK photography

In many respects, this portrait has been running around in my head since the mid 60's. "LOOK" magazine published a series of similar photographs by "Irving Penn" when I was in Junior High at Emerson. I remember looking at the portraits (as well as the "psychedelic Beatles" portraits by "Richard Avedon" in the same issue.  In fact one of the John Lennon portraits hangs in our mens' dressing room)  and thinking just "how cool are these". Two years ago, Richard came in with his son Dakota for a senior portrait and I showed him the Penn portraits, and again last year when we photographed Dalton for his senior portrait, I mentioned it again. February of 2011, Richard made a dream come true, we rolled the bike in, lit it, directed the men, and what I believe is a masterpiece emerged. Although the bike is a part of the portrait, the people are most prominent (as a portrait should be). The circular feel of the portraits with the pose of bodies and heads keeps our eyes engaged. Richard framed both his portraits perfectly in a chrome portrait frame and gave smaller pieces as gifts to friends and family.
There is not a thing I would have done different.
Thank you to the Druseses.


Claudette Druse said...

You made our son and grandsons
look perfect. Thanks for such
a great portrait.
Claudette Druse

Judy said...

This is a great father and sons portrait. Very unique.

Megan said...

You all did a fantastic job on setting this up. These are some amazing photos!