Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the Peters Sisters ... Enid Ok Photography

So ultimately, can there be a great portrait with out a great expression? In our world, we think not.
First time clients often comment on how natural and real our portraits look (even when they don't know the person). How do we get these expressions? It's tough! We live in times where we tell children not to to interact with people they don't know.  Also,  here is a fact I don't like - people just do not want to take the time out of their lives for a nice portrait.  After all, it does take time, and it is this time that makes expressions natural. We meet our clients for a short period of time a week or two before the session, to look at clothing, give them a tour of the studio, pick their brains, and mainly just get to know them so when we take the portraits, we are friends on some level.
We go to church with these girls, so they had seen me around. Still, the design time made it even better, and more real. more sweet and nice.
Just like they are!

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