Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Preston ... a classic child's portrait (Enid, Ok photography)

Why choose a portrait taken in a "classical" manor?
It is my belief that a portrait has the opportunity to become a family heirloom if done properly.
But what is properly?
1) Expression must be believable and show at least a glimpse of the soul,
2) the clothing should be traditional and timeless,
3) the pose cannot be exaggerated, or unnatural,
4) retouching and printing must not be noticeable,
5) and finally, the portrait is life, or close to, life size.
And that is why we have staked our 35 years as artists to these principles. It's not about fads or what is easy, but a commitment to the best we and our clients can do.
To Preston and his family, thank you for your insight to these facts.

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