Monday, January 3, 2011

My half a life time in Enid (part 1)

June 1961, it's when my mom and dad moved us to Enid. It was close to my maternal grandparents in Kingfisher (Gus and Lena Wolf), plus my mom's sister and brother-in-law (Eleanor and Albert Turner) lived here, and my paternal grandmother (Josephine Pierce) lived in Pauls Valley. All the family were fairly close to us.
The first 7 years of my life were spent in 9 different places across Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana, so is it any wonder I never left Enid after this nomadic "oil patch" lifestyle of my parents.
Enid was home!

Last month in Sunday School, I made the observation that the "hand of God" is not always so evident today, but with a little time and distance, it can definitely be seen. That has been the case with "my half a life time in Enid". It is all connected in a way one could not imagine.

So for a few months, I will try to put into words what Enid is to me, stay with me, and lets see what I find.

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