Monday, May 25, 2009

mcdonalds french fries and a coke

Here is the start of my summer (check out my blog from yesterday, the 24th)
I thought I would begin with my friends, Lynn and Steve (Eddie at the counter represented them nicely). Before they purchased the Enid McDonald's franchise, I thought it was the worst (I even called the corporate offices in Illinois to complain one time). But since their ownership, I have been thrilled.
So what about the fries.
Slim, well cooked, golden brown...and hot, even to the last bite.
They needed salt, but then I thought, "how do you please everyone", even in my life I have gone from heavily salted food, to no salt at all, now I am in the middle. What I really loved was the little cups of ketchup you could get, dunking the salted fries was a real taste.
And the Coke.
My friend Curtis (from the Enid blog) goes on and on about ice. Well this ice was cubes, smaller than home, but still large. And the Coke reminded me of a fountain Coke made with carbonated water physically stirred into the syrup at the bottom of a glass (like the old Sanford Stunkle).
So what do I think, a nice, cold, salty, and a taste of vinegar.
Definitely a connection with my teenage years!

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