Tuesday, September 23, 2008

rippe family

For our avid followers, you probably recognize the beautiful young lady in this family portrait from our blog on her senior portraits a couple of months ago.
Laura tells us that for 18 years she felt that she was not a part of the family because only her brothers were in the "Wess Gray" family portrait hanging in the living room. On the way up to Wichita, I was thinking how fun it would be to do the same portrait pose, but to just add her next to her mother and put her out in front of her now grown up brothers, posing everyone else like we did in the original portrait.
I hope she now feels a part of the family!

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Cindy said...

Just look at the smile on Laura's face, she loves this. (And she says she never looks good when she smiles in a photograph)

I kept thinking that I would lose weight, or the kids were always too busy to get together. I'm so glad we have the portrait of the whole family we are proud to hang the newest "Wess Gray" portrait.