Thursday, September 11, 2008


A portrait that is taken on location should always be believable. What would make a portrait location believable? If you have read our blog for a while, you would guess that the location "would help to tell the story". In the past, some of my clients have asked for locations that really had nothing to do with who they were. Sometimes it works (if the location is neutral, or just plain pretty) but most of the times, my clients were not as happy as they thought they would be.
The happiest are those like Christian and his family. This portrait was take 100 yards from their home in the hay bales his dad had just moved that as you can see, this is very believable.
To my clients, thanks for letting us do "believable" portraits!

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Anonymous said...

What a gift to have these beautiful images of the different "sides" of our son before he graduates from highschool. Thanks Wes & Jolene!

Lori Markes