Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kelvin ... a Gift for his Wife, as well as a new PR portrait

After 36 years of owning a portrait studio, I can tell you every adult feels a little weird giving away their portrait to loved ones.

We all really like the portraits that others have given to us.
Children know their parents and friends will love having a portrait.
And we all know that 10 years from now, we definitely are going to look older, really, a lot older.

So, today is the day.
Jolene and I just had our class re-union (40 years) and 10% of our class is gone already, WOW!

I know that Kelvin's family will love and cherish his portrait. A great smile, timeless clothing, and a classic look.
And as I always say, "Thank You" for allowing us to be a part of his history.

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