Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jim ... Business Portraits

Branding, it's what we can help a local business with.
Coca Cola does it.
Honda does it.
Every huge business does it.
Don't let that intimidate you and your business.
Last month we posted "Richard", this is another portrait for them.
See how the background, props, lighting, retouching is all the same.
But the pose is different.
Because all of us are unique.

Jim, thanks for a great portrait.


Nicole said...

What a great portrait! I like the pose. Beautiful job!

Anonymous said...

Great portrait!

Eric said...

Nice picture, very formal yet seems relaxed.

Sam said...

Nice portrait. The best picture in the whole wide world! I love my pappy!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful portrait. Great job as always.

Anonymous said...

Soft lighting was perfect. I didn't see any glares off your head. Great pic!!!!!!!!