Monday, April 20, 2009

harry & donita

Harry and Donita, thanks for the confidence you placed in us.
We loved seeing you again and were just thrilled with how the final portrait turned out.
For all of the rest of you who are not their family or friends, here's the story....several years ago, Harry found an "oval frame, glass, and portrait" he fell in love with, so he purchased it and I think he always told everyone that the gentleman in the portrait was part of his family. But in reality, he wanted a portrait of the real love of his life with him, Donita. She called, we got together and started piecing this all together, so three months later, it all was perfect. Now it is at a framer in Oklahoma City and I am waiting on a snapshot of it hanging on their wall (which will be posted).
Once again, thanks, and I really appreciate the time and effort of our favorite clients from Blanchard.

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