Friday, March 27, 2009


Stacie came to us through a mutual friend.
Her free "PR" portrait was just not her, and emotionally, even free proved to be too expensive.
She was so pleased with our "creative approach" that she ordered three different poses for the different uses that she had.
We are always happy to share with potential clients stories like this, plus for only around $1.00 a week for the two years that their portrait is current, they could have a portrait that reflects the professional that they truly are.

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Chris Maupin said...

Guys, your blog is just plain cool. I like the idea of a business having a blog- a way to make contact with the community. Also, how cool for your photo subjects - to be featured online. Love the emails you send out too. The site and your new digital work look great! Thanks for your comments on my blog and the support as well.