Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 more seniors

When we started our studio, we were 21 years old and a lot closer to a "High School" seniors age than we are now. But because of that closeness, our "Senior" business has always been our best segment.
Our last 2 sessions were of seniors, a boy and a girl.
For the young man, we photographed him in a light blue oxford cloth shirt, then a plaid shirt with his Gibson Flying V guitar and a killer Vox amp, and closed the session with an urban look in the warehouse district.
The young lady was photographed in her cheer leading uniform at the stadium, then her tennis outfit at the courts, then a fashionable look using some design elements of shadow downtown, and finally a high fashion dress in the studio with her puppy.
While anyone with a camera can snap off a bunch of pictures in a location, I believe that what we bring to the table is the ability to tell a story, a true story of who our clients are. Themselves being who they are, looking their best.

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