Monday, August 11, 2008

the future blands

This has been a great summer for us with engagement portraits, in fact coming up soon we will be showcasing another.
But this session was special for us on two accounts.
1) This was the first appointment we had in our new location, and
2) This is our godchild, Hattie and her future husband Shane. It has certainly been our pleasure watching her grow into a beautiful young lady (both inside and out) and know that this will be a wonderful wedding blessed by God.

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Alexis said...

That's my best friend! I love Hattie, especially since anyone that knows Hattie personally understands that her new name, Hattie Bland is an oxymoron. Hattie is anything BUT Bland. I cried more than anyone at her wedding and I am very proud to have been her matron of honor.